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NewThinking Development is a start-up initiative that brings together governments, private sector and civil society to promote citizen focused innovation and policy-making.

We support, advice and provide lasting solutions to development challenges. The NewThinking Development team sees development innovation as key to transforming human lives, ending poverty and creating a sustainable future.

Our vision is to encourage innovative thinking, dialogue and problem solving that puts citizens at the centre. To inspire governments to serve their citizens and not themselves. To achieve this, we work with:

  • Governments: To improve policy-making, transparency and citizen responsiveness for better service delivery.
  • Civil Society: To make better decisions, hold government and leaders accountable for their actions.
  • Private Sector: To encourage entrepreneurship and technological innovations that improve governance and service delivery.

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NewThinking and NewApproaches to take up big challenges affecting our communities and countries.

NewThinking Development promotes dialogue and action at the local, national, and global level to encourage new innovations and new technologies to address challenges facing Africa and the global community.

NewThinking Developmentā€™s approach is premised on the philosophy that lasting solutions to challenges must be designed, developed and implemented domestically. This ensures ownership, sustainability and offers the greatest chance to transform human lives.

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At NewThinking Development , we are always looking for people to join our team and be part of the transformation.
We believe that a great organization builds teams that not only succeed but excel. We do this by investing in our people so that your career is a shared journey that we build together. With focus at local, national, and global level, the opportunities are boundless.

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