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NewThinkers Vol.1: Youth Voices on Covid-19

by NewThinking Development

The 1st edition of NewThinkers! is focusing on the voice of young people on the effects of the coronavirus pandemic to their lives and livelihood. The pandemic has caused unprecedented challenges for young people and is exposing the deep inequality that exist in Zimbabwe today. According to UNFPA 62 percent of Zimbabwe ‘s population is under 25 years of age. Making this demography the most at risk to be severely affected by the pandemic. They are 4 times more likely to be unemployed than adults and most of them are in the informal sector and informal employment.

NewThinkers! 1st edition, therefore, comes at an opportune time to amplify the voice of the young person in Zimbabwe on how the coronavirus has affected his/ her life and livelihood. It suggests some recommendations for government, business, civil society and society at large to help support young people during these challenging times.

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