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Our Areas of Focus

by NewThinking Development

Our vision is to encourage innovative thinking, dialogue and problem solving that puts citizens at the centre. Our focus is steered by the philosophy that lasting solutions to challenges must be designed, developed and implemented domestically.

  1. Technology for Development
    Technological innovation is a driving force for development. Governments, private sector and civil society should build partnerships to harness technology to improve keys areas/ issues such as education, health, service delivery and eradicate poverty.
  2. Transparency
    Transparency allows citizens to have information and data on how they are being governed. Evidence shows that is a key ingredient in solving many of the global problems including poverty, inequality, injustice and poor service delivery. Building trust between governments and citizens, and saving governments millions of dollars.
  3. Next Governance Leaders
    Engaging and supporting emerging leaders across geographic, political and cultural divides is important to take up challenges affecting the world today. The world requires a young generation of leaders who understand keys value of tolerance, transparency, accountability, equality and citizen centered innovation.
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