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Technology, Transparency And True Leadership

by NewThinking Development

We believe in the 3T – Technology, Transparency and True Leadership, for Africa to curb corruption, improve service delivery and end inequality. Moreso, guarantee better implementation of Agenda 2030 and the Agenda 2063 – giving young citizens like Susan a fighting chance.

The situation in Africa continues to deny young people in Susan’s situation the chance to show their full potential. They are born in poverty and have very little chance of escaping it unless they work 300% more than a child born in Germany or France. Yet Africa remains the richest continent, with trillions worth of natural resources and its greatest asset- a young vibrant population.

As Nelson Mandela once said, millions of people are trapped in poverty, it is time to set them free. To achieve Nelson Mandela’s dream to end poverty, citizens like Susan and her community need to be at the center of governance, innovation, policy making and service delivery.

NewThinking believes in leveraging on technology and the active participation of the private sector to address challenges. The coming of technology and internet has changed the way people interact, services are provided and how information is shared. We believe that 3Ts have the potential to re-engineer the current way of doing business by facilitating the adoption of more inclusive processes. The most important process is allowing citizens to play a bigger role on the development agenda and empowering them to access information and better services.

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