Call for Young People in Public Sector Articles

If you are a young person between the age of 18- 35 working in the public sector (government, semi-government and parastatal) in education, health, and agriculture etc, share your experience and/or story. How are you and other young people impacting policy and service delivery? How can spaces be created for young people to influence policy, reforms and decision making? How can technology and innovation make your job easier and improve service delivery?

Young people make up about 70% of the Zimbabwe population, yet their voices in the public sector are not heard.

NewThinking Development seeks to elevate the voices of young people in Zimbabwe’s public sector. It is an opportunity to have a voice on how TECH and INNOVATION can impact the country to improve service delivery and improve people’s lives. To register go to by 30 August 2019. Selected participants will be contacted after the deadline.

Articles should be between 800 - 1000 words, that will be published in the Young People in Public Sector Publication.

After publication participants will be offered an opportunity to present their articles at a regional /global platform that are relevant to their topic and/or area of work.

Some ideas

  • What is your experience as a young person working in the public sector in Zimbabwe?
  • What are some of the key challenges young people are facing to assume leadership roles and getting their ideas implemented?
  • How have young people impacted the public sector, service delivery and what needs to be done for more ideas from young people to be implemented in public sector?
  • As a young person is there enough citizen participation in the public sector and how can that participation be enhanced?
  • How can government attract more talented young people to join the public sector?
  • How do you think tech and innovation can help make your job easier and improve public service delivery in Zimbabwe?

Information Protection

All personal information disclosed to NewThinking Development will be protected and will not be shared or disclosed to any third parties. All personal information will be destroyed at the end of the project.