Technology to Enhance Citizen Participation

Together with partners, government, civil society and business, we design digital tools that support citizen participation in policy and government processes, increasing transparency, accountability and responsiveness. Our focus is on working with end-users and developing digital tools that respond to citizen needs and the legal, political, economic, and social context.

Scalable Tools for Citizens Engagement

Working with government and multilateral institutions design tools that deploy refined data mining skills to creatively represent data and empower citizens to use the resulting information to engage on issues that matter to them. We design innovative tools that are agile, citizen centered, and help inform decision-making and responding to citizens.

Tools for Policy and Decision-Making

Tools for Policy and Decision-Making

We do this by working and supporting reformers to design locally-led tools, learning-centred and adaptive, to enable policies and decisions that respond to citizen needs. This is done by leveraging data, evidence and digital solutions that support reformers and policy-makers to approach policy-making and decision making from a citizen angle.

Systems for Efficient Public Finance Management

NewThinking works with governments, civil society and multilateral institutions to support effective and efficient public financial management processes leveraging data, analytics and digital tools for better transparency and accountability. This helps government, citizens and civil society effectively deliver basic services, meet citizen needs and build sustainable communities.

Our Expertise: Services

We provide tools and guidance to help institutions design citizen-centered processes; strengthen institutional capacity to use data; and explore what incentives, structures, and processes are needed to enable evidence-based decisions.

Our Expertise: Themes

We see a world where accountable, responsive, inclusive and transparent governance assures the rights of every child and where every child can have a voice in governance and issues that matter to them.