Leadership for Impact

We partner with governments, civil society, and multilateral institutions to prioritize strengthening leadership in addressing development challenges, incentivize and empower leaders to use citizen-centered approaches, and strengthen the impact of leadership in policy-making and decision-making. NewThinking brings a unique approach that focuses on problem-driven, solution-focused, hands-on work with multi-stakeholder teams that support deeper analysis and experimentation.

Collaborative and Effective Leadership for Change

Our approach seeks to accelerate the implementation of citizen-centered reforms by applying political economy analysis, adaptive leadership framework, open government and the rapid response approach. NewThinking works with partners to complement the technical “what” of reforms by addressing the “how”. Bringing about behavioural and institutional changes that allow for quality planning, broad outreach and effective results.

Tools for Reformers Seeking Change

Our approach is to leverage opportunities for leaders to use digital tools and data grounded on the needs of citizens and respond to the legal, political, economic and social context. We work with reformers and policy-makers to design new, citizen-focused protocols and processes; NewThinking provides technical and non-technical support and training, including data management for institutional strengthening.

Photo Credit: Sarah Orton-Vipond

Collaborate With Us

NewThinking Development is always open to collaborating with people, organizations and institutions of all sizes.