Research and Analysis

NewThinking takes a citizen-centered approach to research, analysis and problem-solving. Working with partners, our research and policy analysis supports relevant actors with actionable recommendations that are context-specific based on data and innovative ideas to implement incremental, sectoral reforms that improve citizen lives.

Innovative Solutions

Our policy solutions respond to the serious challenges facing citizens, societies and economies using innovative methodologies. This is done by generating evidence that makes the challenges real and using the findings to help policy-makers, business, and civil society adopts new, feasible, high-impact strategies and reforms that transform citizen lives.

Data-Driven Problem Solving

Our approach is focused on building partnerships that enable smart investments in digital solutions and strengthening the impact of data in decision-making and policy-making. To achieve that, NewThinking brings expertise in conducting citizen-focused assessments, performance tracking, adaptive learning and knowledge-sharing.

Context-Specific Approach

Our research and policy solutions focus on actionable recommendations that allow incremental implementation of strategies and reforms. We identify solutions that respond to citizen needs based on legal, political, economic and social context; understanding each context allows the design of policies and processes that benefit citizens.