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South Africa: Extractive Sector Mandatory Payment Disclosure Regime

Analysis of the opportunities and risks associated with achieving mandatory disclosures in line with the global standards in the context of the existing legislation and policies on revenue and other disclosures in the extractive sector in South Africa. The analysis brings a better understanding of how disclosures could be conceived regarding social transformation in South Africa’s mining sector.

Zimbabwe: Towards an Open and Accountable Government: Context and Way Forward

The analysis looks at Zimbabwe's political and socio-economic environment and how an open government agenda can be realized. It discusses the essential areas to advance open government reforms, challenges and possible recommendations; lessons, impact and transformation achieved by countries implementing open government reforms.

Zimbabwe: Citizen Participation Can Deliver the Promise of Democracy

The true promise of democracy is delivered to citizens after the ballot box. That is when citizens should have a genuine VOICE on how they are governed, budgets are spent, services are provided, and resources are distributed. Only then does government begin to serve citizens and not itself. It begins with the government being open and transparent with information, creating genuine spaces for participation and being accountable to citizens.

Youth Voices on Covid-19

A tool and platform to amplify the voice of the marginalized and those left behind. It explores fresh thoughts and ideas to build an inclusive and participatory Zimbabwe. The publication solicits stories and thought pieces from ordinary citizens, and a team decides on the themes, topics and participants to publish. It seeks to promote inclusive and participatory ideals that place citizens at the heart of policy making, decision making and innovation in Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe: Analysis of the beneficial ownership legislative and regulatory framework in the mining sector

The research aims to foster a deeper and more critical debate on beneficial ownership disclosure in Zimbabwe's mining sector. Bringing a better understanding of how beneficial ownership disclosure in the mining sector can be achieved in Zimbabwe's context. The research thus examines the legal and regulatory landscape that governs the disclosure of beneficial ownership, the governance of the mining sector and how this landscape limits the flow of information to the public and the levels of transparency and social accountability to the public.

East and Southern Africa: Open Government Training Manual for Civil Society and Community-Based Organization

This training guide is a resource for civil society and community-based organizations that want to use the open government approach to advocate for reforms in the extractive sector. The guide is also a valuable tool for anyone interested in making governments more open and inclusive, including journalists and civil society.

Zimbabwe: Social Accountability- No-One Is Left behind in COVID Recovery

The research seeks to generate an understanding of constraints and challenges state and non-state actors are facing in advancing and implementing social accountability reforms. As Zimbabwe begins to recover from the global pandemic, equal distribution and public service quality will be vital to ensure that no-one is left behind and recover the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) implementation trajectory that has been affected.