Our Expertise: Services

Making Citizens the Centre Leveraging Digital Tools

We provide tools and guidance to help institutions design citizen-centered processes; strengthen institutional capacity to use data; and explore what incentives, structures, and processes are needed to enable evidence-based decisions.

Designing Feasible and Actionable Sectoral Policy Models

We focus on the “how” of policy reform implementation to ensure our research and analysis is agile, citizen-centered, and helps inform decision-making and respond to citizens; respond to citizen needs and the legal, political, economic and social context. This will enable actors and institutions to implement incremental sectoral reforms.

From Policy-Making to Implementation

We focus our partnerships and support to stakeholders on the drivers of reform implementation, accompanied by leadership, learning and action to achieve meaningful transformation in the lives of citizens by delivering basic services.

Peer Learning and Best Practice

We partner and support reformers and policy-makers by offering advice through peer learning and best practice. We draw insights and make recommendations from our research and analyses in collaboration with partners to provide sound and actionable policy models and recommendations.