Our Expertise: Thematic Expertise

Anti- Corruption

Harnessing digital tools and data to enhance anti-corruption initiatives

Corruption has adverse effects on citizen lives, public service delivery and channel public resources into private pockets. NewThinking is working with partners to harness digital tools and data to reduce corruption by increasing transparency, citizen participation and accountability mechanisms, with a special focus on beneficial ownership and open contracting transparency to foster connection between government and citizens. Creating tools and services aimed at helping government, civil society, and citizens leverage data.

Child Rights Governance

Surfacing valuable information to make children’s rights a reality

We see a world where accountable, responsive, inclusive and transparent governance assures the rights of every child and where every child can have a voice in governance and issues that matter to them. NewThinking works with partners, reformers and policy-makers to identify gaps and greater use of digital tools and data to enhance children’s participation and engagement in policy-making and decision-making. Using visual tools to help institutions and communities see how investment in data on children can make life better for them.


Enhancing basic access to digital services

Systemic accountability is a key driver of education attainment, and accountability without transparency has little impact. Growing evidence shows that citizen engagement yields critical long-term success, particularly at the school level. Through in-depth analysis and assessment, NewThinking works with stakeholders to understand the data and needs of the education sector. Focusing on building easy-to-use tools to help governments, civil society and business to meet strategic priorities.

Financial Inclusion

Enhancing broad policy and institutional frameworks to support business development and financial inclusion, especially for women, is a challenging task. Women, youth and marginalized groups are negatively affected by institutional infrastructure that provides finance to support small, medium and micro-enterprise development. NewThinking undertakes in-depth research, analysis and assessments with stakeholders to understand the data and policy gaps to understand the institutional infrastructure and regulations for the financial sector that promote financial sector development.

Open Government

Open government principles (i.e. transparency, integrity, accountability and citizen participation) are progressively changing the relationship between public officials and citizens, making it more dynamic, mutually beneficial and based on reciprocal trust. NewThinking creates digital tools and services to support governments, civil society and multilateral institutions to advance open government principles and values to improve policies, processes and delivery of basic services. Tools and services are tailored and responsive to individual contexts.

Open and Effective Leadership

Economies and societies benefit from leaders whose actions and decisions are rooted in sound policy practice and transparent with citizens about processes and decisions. Consequently, such leadership establishes a relationship based on trust with citizens and business. We support reformers and decision-makers to design decision-making processes that are transparent and inclusive and overcome political economy obstacles, remove silos and achieve tangible results.

Public Financial Management

Collecting and spending public resources effectively and efficiently

Financial management is a critical capability of governments that enables the delivery of public priorities and fulfil promises made to parliament and citizens. Therefore, citizens have a right to know how their government collects and spend their money. We work with partners to produce research, offer policy advice, and galvanize government action to make public financial management efficient and effective. This is done by designing digital tools and processes that leverage transparency, accountability and participation.